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Dependable Data Conversion Solutions for Your Company

Time Saver

Save hours of frustration converting your data by hand. Instead, let SQL Converter do the conversion so you can spend more time on revenue producing efforts.

Integrates with Excel

With a click of a button, turn your Excel file into an SQL script, suitable for import into a MySQL database. (Video)

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Start with Excel, finish with SQL.
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We asked, "How has SQL Converter helped you?"

User Testimonials

SQL Converter is everything a web developer should expect - quick to install, quick to perform and best of all user-friendly. It gets the job done and can easily save your company hours or even days of tedious, painstaking work. Similar apps are just too expensive and too hard to use. SQL Converter has a small learning curve with big time results. I use it often and will continue to use it for years to come.

Ben Haynes, Syracuse, NY

That worked perfect!

I really like your product. I've made thousands of mySQL tables over the past 15 years and using your product is easy and fast. It's already become a tool I'm using in my development process.

Thanks for your help and your cool software.

Patrick Clancy, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

Simple to Use, but superior results. I have been building websites since 1994. In 2002 I started designing database driven sites with PHP and MYSQL. A common problem kept occurring, most of my customers had CSV, some other TXT formatted file or EXCEL files of their data that needed to be changed.

I tried about half a dozen conversion programs and then came across SQL Converter. It has been by far the best one for my money. It has the options I need and it works every time.

Ron Bigus, Panama City Beach FL.